Anna Adams – Ear Spasms


Guest host Anna Adams from Dresden serves you a frantic selection and mixing, combining disco, acid and electronics. With a drum-addicted, spastic peak and a peace-loving exit.

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1) Inkswel – Who’s Fooling Who
2) Kool DJ Dust – Ancient Astronauts (Name In Lights Megamix)
3) BK-One – Tema do canibal (Tom Noble Ginga Disco Remix)
4) Today – I Got The Feeling (The Revenge New Jack Stack)0
5) SLG – Goat Cheese
6) Dr. Smiley – L’echo Dechavanne
7) DJ Yoav B – Boogie Down Saturn
8) Dance – Ha
9) Audio Clash – Electro Rhythm (Electropitch Mix)
10) Digital Emotion – Go Go Yellow Screen
11) Afrika Bambaataa – Just Get Up And Dance (Doom Doom Mix)
12) John Ozila – Funky Boogie
13) Jossin Da – Le jardin du Luxembourg (Tee Two Reedit)

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